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Too funny!
Old 02-15-2017, 11:27 AM
Fraugoofy Fraugoofy is offline
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Default Too funny!

Originally Posted by Polar Bear View Post
Do you own stock in Google Maps?
Hi Polar Bear! No, I don't own stock in Google Maps, but that was a good catch...

I think that The Villages needs to realize that many newly retired people have different needs and different experiences than those who have been retired for awhile.

Google Maps, Apps, Bluetooth, Texting, Paypal, 70's music on the Square, Amazon Echo, etc. are common terms for many of us. Oh, wait, there is rarely 70's music on the Square.

The Villages GPS App is antiquated and not user friendly. Just my opinion and until they update it to a modern version of something someone would use in 2017, I will continue to use Google Maps on bicycle mode.

Thanks for the funny today!
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