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Old 02-09-2015, 05:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Guest View Post
How do you feel about the opposition party leaders getting together to pledge to do everything in their considerable power to see to it that the President fails? That happened at the time of his inauguration, and has been carried out as their strategy since. How do you feel about these upstanding representatives of democracy doing nothing but obstructing everything the President advocates whether it would be good for you, or me, or the country in general, in order to make a political point. Has that bothered you for six years?
I think you are really overreacting on this issue.

First, it is true they decided AFTER THE AFFORDABLE care act was jammed through and AFTER the Senate decided that NOTHING...NO bills from the House would even be brought up in the Senate basically guys are doing NOTHING....WE GOT IT.

I think at that point, yes...they gave it up.

Folks tend to forget, because the left has pounded and pounded away with no rebuttal from the Republicans which I think was a mistake with this incorrect and wrong charge....they have pounded about this.

Nobody does any looking at the bills...I think there were something like 40 to 45 job bills that passed the house...sent to senate and never even discussed or given a chance on the floor.

Now, honestly this happens with a split problem is the constant unrelenting stories about how the house would not cooperate. I suppose I know not the meaning of cooperation !!!

But, I still think, the debacle and it was UNHEARD OF IN AMERICAN HISTORY of the Affordable Care Act and the drone of talking down to the Republican party as a whole did in fact slow down any cooperation.

But I have watched the actions of congress and the President for the last six years, and the dysfunction, and there was dysfunction, was on both sides and the side that had the "hammer" and could have changed the aura was the left.

This is not a defense of anyone, simply stating facts and tired of hearing this mantra which is not based on facts, but simply the same old drone that we hear from this WH !!!!

These two parties better get it together and quickly and the signs are not good.
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