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Old 02-09-2015, 07:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Guest View Post
Taking quotes out of context can paint any politician with a diabolical brush. Nice try, but quotes from individual politicians do not equate to a strategy carried out by a majority of a political party. I don't blame you for being ashamed and attempting to divert the conversation however. about a clueless party person.

I am not even close to ashamed as, obviously, I do not have the same strong party ties as you. I prefer to root for the country and if that means taking a Democratic idea, so be it...if it means a Republican idea, so be it.

I am not diverting at all...I responded openly and honestly, admitted what I like and did not like...I acknowledged a book written about the situation...I acknowledged that if proven it would be dissapointed.

I can only dream of someone like you EVER saying their party was in error....I will, have and will continue to put country first before my party.

My quotes were a tongue in cheek in response to the other posts. WOW, and that is what you saw and what you responded to...WOW again.

Your party is #1...fine.....the other party is bad guy....fine...those are your thoughts, narrow minded and distorted as they may be. YOU are the kind that they refer to as the one or kind that will never change you mind on any issue...I said ISSUE because all this partisan stuff is just silliness and that was another reason for my quotes.

Worship at that altar....I prefer, not matter the party, that the country move ahead. ON this new forum I have credited our President with much especially involving the financial situation and will be glad to...I do not, nor ever will, take kindly to strict partisan politics. It is sad and if you want embarassment for your party, allow me to look something up for you and your heros...

"After rejecting a Republican proposal which would reform the filibuster, a negotiation process which has been ongoing since 2005, Reid will reportedly seek a simple majority vote to reform the rules of the Senate on Thursday. In all likelihood, he will be able to secure the 51 votes necessary to enact this new reform.

Republicans are wary of the move. Many see it as an abuse of majority powers and the setting of a precedent that Democrats will regret the next time that the Senate changes control. This is a position that Reid agreed with in 2005 when his Democrats were blocking President George W. Bushs judicial nominees.

Lauded by his party....

In 2005 when the roles were reversed....

"The threat to change Senate rules is a raw abuse of power and will destroy the very checks and balances our founding fathers put in place to prevent absolute power by any one branch of government, Reid said at the time.

Harry Reid Railed Against Nuclear Option in 2005 He Embraces in 2013 | Mediaite

I just wish that adults would populate this and talk about the threads that have actual issues attached to them. They are not intended to change minds...simply broaden all our scopes and understand them,

People like this poster simply want to attack the party that is not there's and go on the National Inquirer tour....
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