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Old 02-15-2015, 12:56 PM
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Amazing enough, a poster continually speaks of and references the KOCH Brothers...actually,mostly two posters. Even post about them in a thread regarding Bill Clinton, thus for them I thought it would be the right thing to do to start a thread so that they can go on and on.

Folks, there is a TON OF MONEY in politics, but let me begin, because Harry Reid as really taken this on as a project simply present a few things...

"Judging from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reids nearly daily diatribes on the floor of the U.S. Senate, George W. Bush has been retired as the most despised villain and the cause of all the evils that plague the world. Bush has been replaced by the Koch (a Dutch name, pronounced Coke) brothers, who are often maligned by the left for their pecuniary influence in politics. Since those on the left are not equally malevolent toward George Soros, who does the same thing, its clearly not the money in politics that bothers them its the ideology.

The Washington Posts Pulitzer Prize winning Fact Check granted a Four Pinocchio rating to Reids latest round of attacks. The Post says Reid is setting a high standard for deceptive speech, and concludes that Reids party is reaching blindly for someone to cast the blame of their own failures on. The paper, critical of the falsity of Reids claim, chides him with, If you want to join a gun fight, dont fire blanks.

Read more at This Is Why We Should Fear George Soros, Not The Koch Brothers

Let us introduce the players....

"David and Charles Koch are brothers who run Koch Industries, an oil refinery business that is the second largest private firm in the country. The brothers are tied at number 6 on Forbes top billionaires list with personal net worth of about $41 billion each. Theyve expanded and maintained their fortunes by successfully providing the refined product that keeps America moving oil."

"George Soros is chairman of Soros Fund Management, a hedge fund company. Soros is number 27 on Forbes list with a net worth of $23 billion. Hes made his fortune in large part by selling short against international currencies and collapsing financial institutions. In 1997, he was dubbed the man who broke the Bank of England; and he was blamed by the Malaysian Prime Minister for collapsing their currency during the Asian financial crisis. He was also convicted of illegal financial dealings in France. His big bet now is collapsing the U.S. dollar and the free enterprise system." the bottom line, so to speak.....

"The Koch brothers and Soros spend lavishly in politics. They support individual candidates, contribute to political party campaign funds, lobby politicians, bankroll political action committees, and have established foundations and think tanks to influence politics."

A little bit of analysis....

"The Kochs spend by far the most, but the bulk of it goes to lobbying. The Open Society Institute is one of George Soros organizations, and they provide part of the funding of; so even realizing that their data may be skewed toward a more pejorative coverage of the Kochs, Im going to rely on their data. According to Open Secrets, the Koch brothers have spent (or as liberals typically describe it, invested) over $50 million in lobbying from 1998-2010. During that same time, Soros and his primary Lobbying organization, the Open Society Policy Center, spent about $13 million.

Donations to federal candidates, parties, and political action committees give a smaller advantage to the Kochs. They invested $2.58 million vs. Soros $1.74 million from 1989 to 2010. When extended to include the past four years, the Koch brothers have contributed $18 million in political donations. This sounds like a great number, until we look at the 58 organizations ahead of them, including 18 different unions, according to Open Secrets. Those unions political contributions total over $638 million, almost all of whose funds go to liberal candidates, and is more than 35 times what the Kochs donate. Among those are the American Federation of State, County, & Municipal Employees ($60,667,379), the National Education Association ($53,594,488), the United Auto Workers ($41,667,858), and the Service Employees International Union ($38,395,690.)

But from here, the money for political influence gets a little more shady. From 2001 to 2010, the Koch brothers invested $1.5 million in other political groups, called 527 organizations, compared to Soros whopping $32.5 million."

A few misc comments from others....

"Anyway, it cracks me up every time I hear or listen to some leftist babbling on and on about those evil Koch brothers and their Americans for Prosperity (APF) organization.

According to the leftists peddling this nonsense the Koch brothers are the only billionaires in the political manipulation game and they'd like you to believe the democrats don't have anybody with the kind of money or influence the Koch brothers have.

Those who spin this obvious lie are either completely ignorant of the facts and really, truly don't know any better or they're willfully ignorant of the facts and are lying to you.

Personally, I believe it's the latter. But what do I know, I'm just an old guy.

But just for the fun of it let's play along and pretend they've never made the connection between the Democrats and the Hollywood elite. They've never heard of the guy named Warren Buffet. They've never heard that the Democrats enjoy the enormous fincancial backing of every public and private sector union in the country and they've never heard of The New York Times or MSNBC.

And every single one of them act like the guy named George Soros doesn't even exist.

Well he does. And he exists in a very big, spooky way.

The following is a list of organizations directly funded by none other than George Soros.

Read the list and then you decide.

Who's doing the most political manipulation? The Koch Brothers with their Americans for Prosperity (APF) of George Soros with his world wide network of radical activists.

Advancement Project: This organization works to organize "communities of color" into politically cohesive units promoting leftist policies.

Air America Radio: Now defunct leftist radio station.

All of Us or None: This organization seeks to change voting laws.

Alliance for Justice: This organization is best known for their work in the appointment of federal judges.

America Coming Together: This organization's mission is to organizes and promote pro-Democrat voter-mobilization programs.

America Votes: Another pro-Democrat get out the vote organization.

America's voice: Open borders group pushing amnesty for illegal aliens.

American Bar Accociation on Immigration policy: Another open borders group pushing for amnesty for illegal aliens.

American Bridge 21st Century: This group privides Democrat candidates information (dirt) on their Republican opponents.

American Civil Liberties Union: This group opposes almost every security measure taken since the attacks of 9-11. They're also big time open borders people and have been quick to defend suspected terrorists.

American Constitution Society for Law and Policy: A Washington DC based think-tank designed to recrute, indoctrinate and mobilize young law students.

American Family Voices: This group creates and coordinates media campaigns against Republican candidates.

American Federation of Teachers: This powerful teachers union works to make sure everyone adheres to left wing policies.

American Friends Service Committee: This group views The United State as the principal cause of human suffering. They're big open borders supporters, pro amnesty and abololition of the death penalty.

American Immigration Council: Another open border group pushing for amnesty.

American Immigration Law Foundation: Another open border group.

American Institute of Social Justice: Obviously one of Obama's favorite groups.

American Library Accociation: This group is working to repeal every aspect of the Patriot Act.

American Prospect Inc: This corporation recruits and trains left wing journalists.

Amnesty International: Yet another open borders and pro amnesty group.

Applied Research Center: This group sees The United States as deeply racist.

Arab American Institute: An Anti-Israel Pro- Palestinian group.

Aspen Institution: Environmental extremists who view The United States As a deeply racist nation. This group help promote Democrat candidates.

The Tides Foundation: Funnels Soros money to dozens of other left wing groups.

And the list goes on and on and on.

Click on the link below for the entire list of George Soros funded left-wing groups to see for yourself.

Organizations Funded by George Soros and His Open Society Institute - Discover the Networks

Do the Koch brothers spend millions of dollars promoting convervative candidates?

Of course the do.

No one's saying they don't.

You see, that's the difference between right wing bloggers and talking heads and our counterparts on the left.

My side (conservative side) sticks to facts and places a premium on the truth and honesty.

The left?

Well, not so much..."

Let me take this to another post because this is so much....

But read and keep in mind.....this is an issue created by Harry Reid and types.....nobody denies the spending goes on but folks do ask if you might look into HOW AND WHERE...
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