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Old 02-19-2015, 12:07 PM
Buffalo Jim Buffalo Jim is offline
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Originally Posted by Bogie Shooter;101***2
You too just dance around in what you say. "reason why such a small community has a porportinally larger and very visible police force than what one might expect" "there is plenty of poverty there". Can it be because there is a significant black community in Wildwood? If that's what you mean then say it.
I too go to Wildwood and I treat it no different than I treat The Villages, Ocala, Leesburg, etc. I always lock my car, don't leave anything of value in view.
I am not an elitis. I just get annoyed at posters that use those coy words to cover up what they are trying to say.
"Your Hobby really seems to be so based on history" I have no idea what you are trying to say/imply with this statement.
Sir : I will hold up my contributions to the betterment of those less fortunate and in particular to many of African American heritage and women to anyone on this forum including you .

I am speaking about my direct efforts to encourage , mentor and successfully lift up socially and economically disadvantaged people as well as my indirect efforts . There are now middle-age men and women in excellent executive positions as a result of my identifying them at a young age and providing them with significant opportunities .
They would tell you themselves both men and women .
Also I initiated several charitable activities which I managed to " plant " in several cities in the North East and along the Atlantic seaboard.
In fact one of the charities I created has been adopted by no less than the NFL . It is now part of what is more broadly known as " The NFL Charities ".
However I refuse to sit in judgment of others and occupy a self-awarded intellectual tower and constantly actively judge others who I know nothing about .
Calling them racist .
Usually I simply ignore your posts because frankly they are really boring after a while same ol same ol same ol .
So here you go my friend have at it .

Finally , given alternatives I would never choose to live in Wildwood , East St. Louis , Ferguson , the East Side of Buffalo , Newark , NJ et al . My guess would be that if they had a choice many of the folks living in those communities would choose to live elsewhere as well . Would that make them racist ?
Once again I am sorry that I ever got involved in a conversation on this site . I vowed to stay away -- very far away as a New Years Resolution . At least I am still going to the gym as promised .
Eventually a large segment of people will stay away from this form as a few strongly opinionated Holier than thou types will have driven them off .
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