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Old 02-20-2015, 09:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Guest View Post
After wring most of the following in another thread, it just nagged me to the point that I did not want my thoughts buried in a maybe not so well titled thread. Hence the following:

I believe this party affiliation "thing" is being carried to a fault. Some posts give the impression that left or right, conservative or liberal and democrats or republicans are different species from different planets that could in no way understand what the other wants or needs.

How about approaching an issue the old fashioned way? How about we figure out what we AMERICANS want or need?

Under the primise usually seen in a political environment when there is a community need we should be dividing the room into democrats and republicans and God help us if there is a smattering of other than those two.
Now just how effective would that be?

Sounds stupid right?

Then why is it OK to do so when discussing the needs of the country.

Some how or another we have to get back to the fact the reality of everyday life for most of us is not politically driven.

The expectation seems to be to treat politics like sports and get behind one team or another. With one exception. Sports fans seem to have found a way to co-exist with the opposition.

This need for win-lose....and tearing down anybody or any group that does not align with one or anothers beliefs is total and absolute BS. That is not how life is lived.

And we all know that no matter how we pull together or not there will always be a radical element that churns the system. They are the miirity representation of any group. Yet we allow such radicals to dictate how we live life. I say BS to that as well.

I have never ever attended any organization, club or society or group or church or whatever where there was a need to know the party affiliation of each other to perform.

Let us try to not sucumb to the disease that currently afflicts politics in general. That of shying away from viewing the merits of people or projects or proposals and instead resort to dissing, sniping, degrading, name calling.

How about demanding politicans spend their time educating us about them. And not the tearing down and dirt digging of the other guy.

As for the radicals....well just look at the middle east and see what happens when a minority group pushes the majority around....including slaughtering and killing of innocents. Not the same? Yes it is. We just haven't devolved to the point of drawing blood to win anything....yet.
I am usually very wordy, but for this...

Your post is spot on !!!!!!!
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