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Thread: King vs Burwell
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Old 03-13-2015, 11:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Guest View Post
My CENTRAL premise is correct. YOU have no issue with passing confiscatory tax rates, and all sorts of special "soak the rich" additional taxes, on others because YOU will never be subject to them! You can spout your philosophy all day, but in the end, that's why you maintain your support of "progressive tax rates". At least be honest.

It's ridiculous on its face that 20% of the citizens carry the huge bulk of the tax load. The tax base must be broadened. Regardless of its origin, a progressive tax system is a liberal notion of confiscating the wealth from a few to redistribute to the many. It is opposite of everyone paying their "fair share". It is the epitome of liberalism.

A flat tax or national sales tax is "fair" to all. No one is treated differently. The "wealthy" will OBVIOUSLY still pay FAR MORE due to the larger dollar amount of their income or purchases. It will still be strongly bifurcated with the relatively few carrying the load, but all citizens will pay SOMETHING!

Now, try not to blow a gasket (AGAIN) like a teenage girl sighting a spider!
Your CENTRAL premise is incorrect. As are most of your statements that flow from that mistaken view. I have NEVER indicated that I support confiscatory tax rates. EVER. Nor have I have ever advocated "all sorts of special "soak the rich" additional taxes". Those are just fantasies that you've manufactured in your head. At least be honest.

I've never argued that the tax base shouldn't be broadened. And your statement that a progressive tax rate is a "liberal notion of confiscating the wealth from a few to redistribute to the many" is a cockamamie delusion.

As a percentage of earnings a flat or sales tax places a much greater burden on those at the low end of the income scale. That is indisputable. A 15% flat tax on $30,000 is much more confiscatory than a 15% tax on $100,000. It just changes who is getting confiscated from.
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