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Thread: King vs Burwell
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Old 03-16-2015, 09:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Guest View Post
Just because our current tax code is screwed up doesn't mean that a progressive tax code is, by definition a stupid, unfair liberal conspiracy to separate hard working job creators from their money. A progressive tax code that broadens the tax base and lowers tax rates would be great.

See - I've never argued that our current tax code is fair, balanced, optimal, etc. All I've ever said is that a progressive tax system is better from a fairness standpoint, then a flat tax. Somehow you got it in your head that I am in favor of our current tax situation, and that if we could take even more from rich people, it would be better. But I never said that. Then you got all mean and kept trying to tell me what I thought. So I got mean and sarcastic back.

A Flat tax is regressive. It takes the same percentage of tax from everybody. Whether they can afford it or not. A flat tax takes money from the working poor. And in the end, we're just going to give that money, and more, back to them. Just because it's easy to understand doesn't make it automatically better.
Why is it assumed the poor cannot pay their share?
Where in the history of the USA was it stated the poor did not have to pay taxes if they could not afford it?
Some of us remember having to pay taxes when we were on a near bread and water budget!

The real issue of the current times is the amount of free loading thta is being funded by the few tax payers in the USA.

There are far too many people collecting from the current welfare programs who should not be.

The classics? Food stamps and unemployment compensation.
I personally know of too many unemployed who are perfectly content to stay home and collect unemployment. They are the first to protest if their "benefits" () are about to expire and demand an extension (again).

Food stamp abuse is a well know problem for years and all that has happened over the years is to multiply the problem.

Two excellent examples of those working having to pay for those who ELECT not to work.

Affordability has nothing to do with it anymore. It has become an expectation, just as the highlighted satement above implies.
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