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Thread: swollen ankles
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Old 03-21-2015, 07:45 PM
Carl in Tampa's Avatar
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Smile No apology needed.

Originally Posted by Laurie2 View Post
To Carl in Tampa:

Oh my goodness. I am so embarrassed. Please accept my apology.

When you quoted me in your post #14, I thought you were saying that I was the one in denial. So when I responded to you in post #23, I said that I was not denying the potential seriousness of swollen ankles. (I am so glad my response was at least done in a nice way.)

Later on today I looked back and realized you were just trying to make a point with the OP about the test for blood clots.

I don't know what in the world was the matter with me. Might have been too early in the morning. I might have been reading between the lines instead of just reading the sentence. Or I could be a dingbat. Whatever the reason, I misinterpreted your post, and I am sorry.

I think part of my problem was that I was the one quoted instead of the OP. I now realize you were talking to the OP and not to me. (Note to Self: Everything is not about me.)

(Sometimes the multiquote feature here can be a little aggravating. It took me a try or two to figure out they stack instead of appearing first click to last. For clarification, multiquotes are nice to use, but I understand that it is not always the most immediate thing to do when posting. And sometimes it might need to be a quote within the quote which is impossible to do. So who is being addressed can be confusing.)

So anyway, Carl, when I mess up, I admit it. -- I messed up. I took a little umbrage and I should not have. You were not talkin' to me. I see that now.

And, OP, it is good your ankles are going in the right direction. This once happened to me after a long road trip, making time and distance while eating Fritos and drinking coke. (Not a good plan) Scared the %#@&! outa me. I knew what such a symptom could mean. It was late. I drank water, put my feet up, and the next day got some grapefruit juice and tea and drank enough of it to float a battleship. (Well, not really that much. I tend to be hyperbolic.) It worked, although I had to spend a lot of time that day like that racehorse we have heard about. Then I was fine. -- But had I thought for a minute it could have been a blood clot, I knew enough to know I would have needed a doctor. Fast.

. . .So anyway, again, Carl, I apologize. Now, I have figured out what you meant.

Laurie (who has nice manners mostly, but can sometimes miss the obvious)

No problem and no need for an apology. I was, of course, supporting your view. I could have made it clearer that I was addressing the OP.

It is difficult to offend me as long as there is no name calling involved. I was in the military in the 1960s when we had to endure Flower Children marches and race riots. I spent almost 40 years in law enforcement, and developed a very high tolerance to criticism.

I continue to believe that the OP should have the test that could detect PAD.

Oh well....................
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