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Old 03-27-2015, 02:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Guest View Post
Dear Guest:

The OP's question was why is Obama pursuing an agreement with Iran?
I like concise objective answers. The only person who has Obama's ear, including his wife, is Valerie Jarrett. Guess where Valerie Jarrett was born Shiraz, Iran.

Obama cannot keep track of Iran's oil tankers that are circumventing American sanctions and Obama thinks he can keep track of Iran's nuclear bomb progression. Now that is plain conceit. There are a number of well placed Muslims in the Obama Administration that have resulted in a dramatic and ill-conceived shift toward Iran our enemy since the 1970's and Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordon etc who provide security in the middle east. Obama's policies or lack thereof have created the mess now found in the middle east.

I would not bother arguing if Obama is or is not a muslim because you either believe or do not believe this to be true. However, whether it is true or not true by word,deed action and his pen and phone he is strongly in mind and spirit muslim
I used to think talking about Obama being a Muslim was far fetched ... your post puts it into perspective. Irrespective of his stated affiliation we have only his actions to assess. They are on Iran, clearly heading towards a catastrophic path and even many Dems now acknowledge that even if not openly.

Allowing Iran to develop a nuke means nuclear jihad at some point for our kids and grandkids. WTF ?? In addition an abdication of leadership has the Middle East falling into radical Islam while we inexplicably degrade our ally Israel

Reagardless of whether Obama prays to Jesus or Allah, the balance of power is shifting to Iran and America is losing

So the question is what do we do about it? Just watch it happen of take some positive action?
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