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Thread: Buckle Up!
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Old 07-27-2015, 10:22 AM
robinsdw2 robinsdw2 is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2013
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Originally Posted by Frank7 View Post
We have noticed that 2015 has been the year with the most request we have ever seen for seat belts on golf carts in The Villages. It may be due to the reports of golf cart accidents involving people getting tossed out and injured severely. We as Villagers certainly spend more time in our carts than most and not only for golf and getting the mail but almost everything daily. Because of the time spent and the miles covered we are supplying Villagers with comfortable seats and retractable seat belts more than ever.

There is the concern by some of being trapped in a cart being 'tied' to the chassis with seat belts and the possibility of the cart doing a complete flip.

Some cart manufactures still are reluctant to supply seat belts on there carts because of the roof supports not being able to hold up in a complete cart flip. This point is under stood but the stats show that most injuries due to crashes do not involve cart flips.

The good news is that people are making the choice now on their own to install seat belts and they use there belts securing themselves securely at 20 MPH.

Let's all be safe and secure while we enjoy life in The Villages.

Buckle Up!
If you are out and about in The Villages you will see that not only are golf carts driving too fast, so are the golf carts. In addition to this you see that folks in golf carts tend to think they have the right of way over autos. You see folks turning left without merging, nobody stops at stop signs in carts, everybody seems to be in a hurry, you see folks letting kids drive carts under age of 14, you have people that just stop on the multimodal path without warning and if you say anything to anyone about one of these infractions -- they just cuss you out or want to confront you.
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