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Old 03-29-2016, 09:27 AM
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Originally Posted by bikeman View Post
This SUV tried to run over one of our cyclist the other day. Going north on Buena Vista by the Savannah center round about, our group after stopping to let other cars clear, started north again. That is when this SUV came up from behind us in the left lane and crossed in front of our lane to turn right on El Camino Real just missing the lead rider by inches, and mean inches. Had he not turned his from wheel to the right just a little, he would have been hit. No telling what injuries might have occurred if the contact had happened. Fortunately, the last cyclist had a camera going and we were able to get the license number. We called the Sumter County police, and officer Wills, to report the incident. We were not looking to ticket the driver, but to let him/her know that crossing two lanes at a high rate of speed is jeopardizing the safety, and maybe the life of these cyclist. The officer refused to help even after giving him the license number. I wonder if the same officer would have shown any interest if this SUV had collided with the bicycle? I guess someone has to be injured before this officer would help with the situation. If you know this person, please notify them that what they did was totally wrong, and could have cost someone their life just to make the turn 5 seconds earlier. They never stopped, or even acknowledged any wrong doing. Even after giving the Sumter County officer the license number he refused to do anything telling me that Florida license plates has 6 numbers/letters not 5. I know that vanity plates in Florida can have less than 6. I am not sure why he chose not to pursue this problem, or at least make a call telling them they are now being watched and should be more considerate of cyclist. Here is a picture of the SUV. Please let me know if you know this person. License # SJE IT
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Are you saying that he intentionally tried to mow you down? I don't think so. As I understand it, unless you were exiting right onto El Camino, you were in the wrong lane and cutting across his exit. If he did not, he should have been signaling that he was exiting. The SUV is not allowed to change lanes once in the roundabout or stop. Vehicles already in the roundabout have the right of way. Vehicles are not required to stop there to see what bicyclists might do, either. Anyone should always signal their intent when exiting, as well. Do the bikers just cruise on around until their exit and then keep going out of the roundabout or do they signal that they are exiting? If not, they should.
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