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Old 04-30-2016, 04:50 AM
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Talking Nova testimonials

Originally Posted by JMike View Post
This is the second Nova filtration system I've had and both performed exactly as advertised and as I wanted. Great tasting water without all the impurities. So many new residents are convinced they must have those exotic water systems costing thousands of dollars when the Nova system is all you need. Thanks Bob and Brad
Originally Posted by rexxfan View Post
I'll second that. We had the filter put in in November and had a similar result. We also just added the softener as even though the water here is not terribly hard to begin with, it was exacerbating a dry skin issue. The softener is excellent quality and the install went well considering that it had to be added in months after the filter and so was a bit more complicated than it otherwise would have been. Bob and Brad are knowledgeable, friendly and highly responsive. You can't go wrong.
Bob C
Originally Posted by DianeM View Post
When I first moved to Florida, I (like everyone else) was besieged with people calling me to test my water and install filtration systems to the point of annoyance. I figured - give me a break - water is water - and felt this filtration stuff was a whole lot of nonsense.

Over time, however, I began to notice that I was constantly itchy but figured it was a change of climate from North to South. A few weeks ago I got up to make my tea in the morning and noticed that the tap water absolutely reeked of chlorine. I got water instead from the filter on the fridge and thought nothing of it. Then the next day - it still smelled awful. This went on for several days to the point that I started to give my dogs water from the fridge filter.

I was reading TOTV and a woman wrote how her skin bothered her until she filtered the water coming into the house and the lightbulb went on over my head and I realized I had the same chemical problem with the water. I started investigating and was getting estimates for units up to $3K.

I came upon Nova filtration reading TOTV and long story short - Bob and his helper installed this system last Wednesday. They were quick and efficient and neat. I can notice the difference. I am no longer itchy and the water does not smell of chemicals. Tea and Coffee taste a heck of a lot better. My dogs are drinking tap water again very happily and in fact, they were both groomed at the house on Saturday and are not scratching themselves either. I am in the process of rewashing most of my clothes to get rid of the chlorine/chemicals that were in the water.
Originally Posted by villages07 View Post
Another happy customer of Jimbo/Bob and the Nova whole house water filtration system.
Noticed an immediate improvement to the taste of the bathroom sink tap water. Makes that first and last drink of water every day much more enjoyable.

Also noticed the lack of white mineral deposits in the kitchen sink dish rack. Haven't run dishwasher or washing machine yet but looking for improved results there too.

Bob and his helper had some challenges with the install as my original plumbing made their job more difficult. But, he figured out a workable solution and got it done.

I, personally, am not a fan of water softeners and wanted a low maintenance/passive system to improve the quality of the water....this seems to fit the bill. I'm sure my plumbing fixtures and appliances will be better for it, too. Great job, Bob!!!
Originally Posted by joyce beaty View Post
Was planning to wait another week to report experience with my new Nova Filtration, but too excited. Could not believe the immediate difference (4 days). My clothes are softer, and smell cleaner. My shower has no chorine odor and my hair and skin is softer. I personally did a taste test, using my water and Dasani-could not tell the difference. Bob did a wonderful job with install, and I appreciate his honesty in explaining I did not need a softener. I was skeptical, but waited to order one later from him. He was correct, and I am happy with the filtration alone. $495 installed, versus the $3000-$6000 quotes from other guys!!! Thank you very much, Bob, and my gratitude, as well, for your honesty advising me to wait to see if I needed a softener. Highly recommend Nova Filtration to everyone!
Originally Posted by Fanman View Post
As soon as we moved to The Villages my wife noticed that water irritated her face. She had to wash her face with bottled water. We just had Bob install his water filtration system on our house and no more problem. The water tastes better, smells better and doesn't irritate skin. The installation was absolutely first class and the price was very reasonable. I would highly recommend it.
Originally Posted by tag460 View Post
We have had our system for about a week and what a difference in our water. The smell is gone and our bath soap seems to lather up better. I had two company's give me estimates and both wanted to sell me a water softener and a whole house filter system $2500 to $3500. This system does not take up any room in the garage and depending on water usage you should be to get a year use out of the filters. Job well done on the installation! Any questions PM me!
Originally Posted by Skip2MySue View Post
We also just had the system installed and are thrilled with the results. The hardness in our water dropped down a little bit from 15 grains to 13 grains and the taste of our water increased by leaps and bounds. Thrilled with the service and results and would highly recommend "Nova" to anyone who is contemplating adding a system. I didn't think I needed a softener system and this system proved me correct.
Skip 2
Originally Posted by wdonze View Post
We had the Nova Whole House Water Filtration system installed this past Saturday. Brad showed up as promised (even a couple of minutes early) and installed the 3 canister filter system, explaining things as he went. I got just the filtration system, not the water softener or under-sink R.O. system as I didn't feel I needed those extras. Brad did a neat and efficient install and was done in less than 2 hours. It probably would have been quicker if I hadn't talked with him so much while he worked. And he cleaned up everything when he was done. My wife is a strong critic of water quality and she is very pleased with our new "filtered" water. I highly recommend Nova Filtration because they did what they said they would, when they said and at the quoted price. You can search TOTV for "Nova" to find the details about their products. Bob Novak can be reached at 352-566-2649 and his son Brad was the installer. Thanks for a job well done!

All unsolicited
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