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Originally Posted by Sonny Craven View Post
Anyone experience a phenomenon in which a in-ground pool spa begins to lose water steadily and has answer from experience as to cause, repair required, cost of repair and dependable repair service?

I began to experience the problem within the last month, and have to bring water level back above the skimmer about once a week. No tree roots near in-ground water circulation pipes, just shrubs. No water leak at pump or filter tank, no apparent catastrophic event of damage occurred..just began suddenly or over short period of time. T&D Concrete/pools installed in 2005, so out-of-warranty, and they tend to be most expensive. Before I call T&D for evaluation, just wanted to check options, or company with good rep for a second opinion. Interested to hear others with similar experience and details on their course of action.

Thanks for any specifics.
Had you thought about evaporation? We have an automatic filler so I don't know if that is a possibility but we haven't had much rain lately and the sun has been very hot. When we had a fountain, we had to fill it daily during the hot weather.
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