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Old 12-07-2016, 08:28 AM
Fraugoofy Fraugoofy is offline
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Originally Posted by spring_chicken View Post
Allstate covered mine.
Also, let's clear up another chicken little theory that is floated out of ignorance on this board ad nauseum.
You will not LOSE EVERYTHING if you are sued in a liability case. In Florida, NOBODY CAN TAKE YOUR HOME OR YOUR RETIREMENT FUNDS if you lose a lawsuit.
It's getting very old hearing the same false, paranoid scenario posted here constantly.
I used to have Allstate. I don't anymore.

They told me I can not advertise my cart with the rental and none of my rental paperwork can reflect I am renting the villa with a cart. They told me I can not have the renters sign a liability statement, but that I was supposed to "lend" the renters the cart. Sounded all very fishy to me.

Has anyone had any experience with Allstate actually covering a golf cart acccident? Would love to hear about it. Many thanks and peace out...

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