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Old 01-07-2017, 07:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Guest
As always, you simply make things up.

No tax was hacked. The Times received 3 pages of a STATE return in the mail from unknown.

Can you cite a link, a story or anything where Russia hacked to affect an election in this country ? They hacked in Europe, among other crimes, and were sanctioned for that...Trump suggested we might just drop those sanctions that were placed to support our allies. He also said, again publicly, that the USA should simply move on from this.

Most importantly, you don't even understand the issue.

Have you heard anyone decidedly say the results were altered or even affected ? simply heard and still hear Trump speaking of himself, never said vein criticizing Russia, but criticizing all over the world outcry intelligence agencies.

Stop posting if you don't understand or refuse to read.

If you are too ignorant to understand the comment, why respond to it?
Trumps tax return was leaked to the paper. Did anyone complain? NOPE.
Trumps illegally recorded conversation was leaked. Did anyone complain? NOPE.
It's the same as Hacking, you idiot.

Was anyone's vote changed by any hacking. Name me one. If anything, having the truth come out about the DNC and Hillary SHOULD have convinced the stupid left that they were backing a corrupt and evil, self serving, morally and ethically deviant criminal. But no, librerals are so intent on winning, that they totally disregard her criminal nature.

No one says Trump is the perfect candidate. There is no such thing as perfect. Republicans thought Reagan was the best president, but the left will still deny that. Reagan was not perfect, but he was the better choice. Trump is not perfect (far from it) but he was by far the best choice of the two.

So, do your best to disparage him, cut him down, demean him, but he is there and NOTHING you can do will give you Hillary. Thank goodness that disease is in remission. If they put her in jail, then she will be permanently out of the picture. One can only hope that there really is some justice left in America.

Trump has not said anything that I take issue with regarding Russia or Putin. I happen to agree with him on Putin being a better leader than Obama. Putin is a thug and I am sure that Trump feels the same way. Trump never said he was friends with Putin, regardless of your side's perverting what someone says.

If you don't like Trump, then you should have gotten out and found a viable candidate for your side, instead of scumbag Hillary. And your candidate should not have run on Obie's record, intending to continue it. Obama lost as much as Hillary. And if you don't realize that Soros is more dangerous than Putin then you are just as retarded as you sound. Now, it is too late for you to correct what you on the left failed at, attempting to elect a corrupt scumbag. So, pull up your man pants and quit crying like a spoiled baby.
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