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Why won't my bougainvillea bloom? Or did it?
Old 01-11-2017, 07:36 AM
Boomer Boomer is offline
Soaring Parsley
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Default Why won't my bougainvillea bloom? Or did it?

We just got back to our house. It has been a while.

The bougainvillea I planted last spring is big and GREEN with a few spindly blooms at the ends of a few of the branches.

It has not been over fertilized, last time was last spring.

I know that bougainvillea should be allowed to dry out between watering. But the irrigation system can't decide for just one plant. Or has it rained a lot?

Yesterday, we took a ride to see what's new since we left. Some of the houses had plants that were absolutely spectacular, bright, hot pink, and covered with blooms. But I could not tell what they were. They were not on a trellis, but I think they might have been bougainvillea pruned into a topiary type thing maybe. Not sure. Does anyone know, for sure, what those plants are?

Does anybody know happened to my bougainvillea?
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