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Old 02-26-2017, 09:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Guest
I would call them "STUPID" because, especially given todays prices of cigs!

Now I hope this will put and end to things.
Tisk, Tisk...why not call them collateral damage?

They are addicted to an item that your state (all states) filed a class action lawsuit in your behalf, and the states kicked the tobacco companies a$$ (remember your state income tax credit of a few bucks?)!!

Now the rules of double jeopardy come to play, you can't sue them for the heath issues caused by smoking (even the ones they knew about). So now they can put any chemical (other than controlled substances) in the cigarettes. It is harder to quit smoking cigarettes today, than it is to quit heroin...

That my friend is your government at its finest!!!

Sorry for the side track, your right they are idiots. I would also agree with Don and classify them as leeches...and a mistake created by you liberals that want to help with other peoples money (because YOUR money is earmarked for the Jag), but you have really only enabled them and served your codependency.

"Work or starve" is the only answer to end this increasing blunder....

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