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Old 03-10-2017, 08:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Guest
It is really cheaper and better for the country.....Attachment 66639
HOW does it get paid for? There are at LEAST 50 million who won't/can't pay OR contribute. 50 million sitting at home and sucking resources. We CAN'T afford to give 50 million a free ride any more. Especially healthcare equal to $12,000 a year.

Single payer, the government as payer, works in countries that are a majority white because whites work together to make things work, we contribute fairly equally. That's why the N European countries, Canada, Australia, can all offer "free" healthcare. Because the government doesn't have all the OTHER welfare costs that the US has with a 51% minority population. They're all pretty much 90% white. Pretty much 90% productive. We're closer to half productive...50% productive.

It's ALL about demographics. They have productive white people, we're half unproductive minorities.

Originally Posted by Guest
Most of us actually care about our country, and our health.....I guess you are just not a real American, just an incredibly stupid person.....Attachment 66640
BOTH sides lie and use propaganda.

The D, the liberal, great lie is equality...we are NOT equal and quotas PROVE it. There are no quotas for blacks in the NBA or NFL or boxing. We PAY them $ millions, bid for them...because they're GOOD at those sports. EVERYTHING else...not so good. And we don't want them there.

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