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Old 03-10-2017, 09:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Guest

The economy has been "turned around" because Of Obama's excellent stewardship, after the last guy you thought was so great...tried to destroy it.

You are truly desperate and delusional.

Deepest Sincere Wishes:
The economy never turned tanked during Bush and BORROWING a $ trillion a year is what has been keeping it artificially alive.

It WON'T come back. Whites are 49% now...the country is sliding into a 3rd world Mexico II as the minorities take over as the new majority. The growth...spurred by whites is over. We will become just another failed diversified country.

YOU are delusional.

You DON'T need to borrow a $ trillion a year IF your economy is doing good. It's gone from $10 to $20 trillion...that's $ trillion a year. We've been borrowing 1/4 of the TOTAL budget. Do you borrow 1/4 of your monthly expenses? Would you consider yourself financially healthy if you were borrowing 1/4 of your expenses? AND had debt equal to 5 years income that you couldn't pay off and NEEDED to roll over that debt as it came due? Would you say were doing well?

You get the facts right...but not the reasons why. That eludes you...purposefully or out of inability to see it.

Everyone robbing the treasury is what will destroy the economy. The wealthy through their corporations...the ever increasing minority poor. Half the population gets something from the government...when is it too much? When 60% are getting something? 75%? 90%? Everyone?

You're smart enough...just unwilling to consider that which you think impossible.

They're REALLY not us. "Humans"...whites and Asians...ALL interbred with Neanderthals. Negros from C Africa did not.

"The archaic human admixture with modern humans is thought to have been taken place through interbreeding of modern humans with Neanderthals, Denisovans, and/or possibly other archaic humans over the course of human history. Neanderthal-derived DNA accounts for an estimated 1–4% of the Eurasian genome, but it is significantly absent or uncommon in the genome of most Sub-Saharan African people. In Oceanian and Southeast Asian populations, there is a relative increase of Denisovan-derived DNA. An estimated 4–6% of the Melanesian genome is derived from Denisovans. Recent noncomparative DNA analyses—as no specimens have been discovered—suggest that African populations have a genetic contribution from a now-extinct archaic African hominin population."

They are NOT us. They are literally the "missing link" between the other apes and humans...speaking apes...part ape, part human.

Where are they EVER better than other humans? Never. Blacks are always the bottom rung economically and socially...everywhere.
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