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Old 04-12-2017, 04:21 PM
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Another 3 generations and the liberals will have them on thier own feet...

I do wonder how people could be that stupid to not see how these government assistance programs have not helped, but actually held people back.

Look at the wackadoodle: he had a hard time on his first (and only job) experienced a nervous breakdown (what a man what a man). His parents let him move back in and he gets on SSD. 17 years later he is still unemployed and living with his parents. This is a failed system, these lazy people have no reason to work, we are providing for them!

Unfortunately it seems the majority of them are not white [I am sure Don has and will provide %]. Hence the racism?? Nobody likes to give up any more of their money to support the lazy [the (unt took the spouse to a 3rd world country for dental implants to cut costs!]

You want to fix racism, create jobs, stop the handouts, and tell them to work or starve!

Plenty of bridges need to be painted in this country, plenty of firehydrants need painting, plenty of ghettos need cleaning. The government should pay them only if they work.

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