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Old 04-17-2017, 08:34 AM
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Another little twist on this. While at the U of MN Law Library I had worked under M. Kathleen Price the Law Library Director. She became Law Librarian of Congress around 1990 and was in that position until around 1996 or so. There was an CBS new report around July 6, 1996 that the Library of Congress was challenging whistleblowers and people who wanted to improve things on terms of their mental health rather than addressing their concerns. That is what happened to me at the U of MN Law Library in 1991. Rather than addressing the issue I had with respect to needs of survivors/victims of crimes to practical information the Law Library supervisor of mine probably acting on orders first subtly and then not so subtly put my mental health in question for wanting to talk to FUTURE law library employers about a glaring niche I had found in the delivery system of practical information for victims/survivors of crimes.

I am not saying I have any evidence that M. Kathleen Price was advising this law library supervisor of mine about putting my mental health in question. I was not privy to that information.

I did complain to the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1991 about this-- Senator Joe Biden. Who wrote back that they do not get involved with matters involving only one person. Many US State governors responded unlike this letter from Senator Joe Biden. As did some other US Senators, US Representatives, the Speaker of the House for the State of MN, and others.

So, I have never been much of a fan of that Cheshire Cat Joe Biden. If he had taken a stand in 1991 things would have been a lot different for survivors/victims of crimes in the 1990s as attitudes of law professors towards survivors/victims of crimes rub off on their law students who might become politicians, judges, CEOs, journalists, comedians, and many other professionals.

Things did seem to start changing especially after an interview I had at the Library at the University of Texas at El Paso in late 2001 where it seemed like someone was pulling strings to get me a good position in a law library again. I never learned who this person or group of people might be. UTEP did settle on someone who had been a practicing lawyer unlike me.

There is a connection to Barack Obama in all this that I had feared that Donald Trump would take advantage of in 2012 but he must not have seen the Justice e-mail I had sent back around 2000 which this student newspaper at Brandeis University had re-published in 2011 and that was up on-and-off until 2013 or so. My immediate supervisor at the U of MN Law School had gone onto the U of Chicago Law School Library. I had called her twice around 1992 or 1993 and she flat out told me that I had been blacklisted from law librarianship and that law librarians were a small group with very long memories. This law library employee probably had some contact with Barack Obama when he was a Law Professor to the U of Chicago but I doubt if the WESTLAW cataloger, Joe Biden and the other stuff ever came up in their probably extremely limited conversations. He was busy trying to launch his political career I would guess.

There is still an e-mail I had sent to Villanova back around 2002-2003 that is still up the last I looked. Again an e-mail to a Student Newspaper. I was e-mailing all of the Student Newspapers back in the 2000-2004 period along with just about every other media which had an e-mail address.

So Trump is right about some things with respect to the political establishment and how arm-in-arm some of them are with the media. There are exceptions though and Trump now seems to have become one of the swamp creatures and I see very little chance of change in the DC Beltway.

Libraries could play a critical role in making citizens less prone to being manipulated by either the media or by established politicians.

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