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Old 05-21-2017, 08:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Guest
Sandy - It appears it has been a while since you have been on a campus...I have spent the last 7 years visiting 2 different campuses, in 2 different regions, for the parent events and have heard first hand of the environment on campus...

The colleges are liberal heavens, the professors are attempting to brainwash the students at every chance they get in class. If the student displays agreement with the ideas presented, all is good. If the student disagrees or challenges the ideas presented, they are warned to not be disruptive. The kids are paying for the class, the teacher is spending more time brainwashing than educating, if they complain about the lack of focus on studies they are silenced. Think about the abuse of power!

The majority of millennials are not motivated enough to think for themselves. Most of the male millennials have their mother doing everything for them, or they are getting an allowance so they can pay people to do everything for them. Most of the female millennials are too busy posting selfies and / or attending social events (where they can be seen) to think for themselves.

"Lap dog" and "uneducated", are you sure?? Did you consider Joe Biden a lap dog? No, he was part of an administration and he had the same goals as Obamma (Pence is part of an administration)...Do you think DeVos is "uneducated" because she attended Calvin College? Did she need to play basketball at the University of Chicago to be considered "educated"?

"Political Flunkies"? Vice President and Secretary of Education are fairly high political achievements. Did you have an issue with Obamma and his administration giving commencement speeches?? It seems you are unable to look past their party affiliation to give them the credit they have earned...the liberal armies on campus booed someone because their political beliefs are not the same as their professors and it brought them media ATTENTION.

You are just another "Negative Nancy" on here. Nothing positive to say, just bitch whine bitch.
Dirtbanker, you are wrong, as usual. Betsy DeVos is totally unqualified for Sec of Education. She got that because of political donations.

The professors you are bashing are the offspring of our generation. Didn't you teach them right? I went to college to learn to think for myself. The kids in college think for themselves and get challenged by professors. That is good.

Negative Nancy? I don't think so. Combat disabled Vietnam vet. Progressive thinking also.

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