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Old 07-17-2017, 06:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Guest
No worry...

What you are, and I hope all Villagers understand this, is a professional racist who frequents the radical alt right websites and probably have never set foot in The Villages.

Yet you continue to dirty our forum with your hate. I realize you have garnered a few other folks, some Villagers and others not, those were covered by name in a post yesterday. This folks should know, although some already do, what prompted you to choose The Villages as your target for your hate speak.

What site are you representing ? Have you ever been inside The Villages ? This is a bit personal, but is the pay good for destroying and trolling us ?
I can only "destroy" you because you are wrong.

Originally Posted by Guest
I'll give you my two cents. That person is looking for attention. He pushes our buttons with his racist crap, and gets his jollies. If people would just ignore him and his taunts, he would tire and go elsewhere.
I'm trying to open your eyes...there IS NO black villages, no black Yale, no black nice/great ANYTHING. Find me a black paradise...shut me up.

Originally Posted by Guest
I think you are totally correct.

Your comments..."..He pushes our buttons with his racist crap, and gets his jollies."

Is the definition of a troll.

I probably might be the only one, but what bugs me a lot is that he does not live here, probably never stepped foot in The Villages in his life. I may be a bit too parochial but TOT! And especially the political forum is something I have used since it started. It has become hate filled, and I would love to see actual Villagers have an opportunity to share political views without the trolls on here. He is not the only one that fits this category but one at a time.
Lets go...debate me...put up your facts and I'll destroy them. That's what I do...destroy the "we're equal" lies. We ARE different species.

Disagree? Prove me wrong. Explain the 2-5% of DNA that EVERY race besides the blacks have. Blacks LACK an ancestor that HUMANS had. EVERY non-negroid on planet earth has an ancestor that the blacks do not. What you are saying is that wolves are dogs. They are not. We're not even as similar to blacks as wolves are to dogs. Look at the diversity between all the other races and the mono-features of blacks. Look at how different blacks look compared to ALL the other races in a crowd.

Originally Posted by Guest
I think Don Baldwin lives in the Villages and is not the creator of that racist site which has been highlighted by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate site. He may post on it though.
Why is a site with a lot of truth called hate? Why are my truths and facts considered hate? Why is the truth considered hate?

Originally Posted by Guest
Who cares what you think. Why would you feel it important to know personal information about another poster? Just because you reveal every aspect of your personal life for everyone to laugh at, does not give you the right to intrude on others.

Why don't you take your teen age girly facebook posts somewhere else?
NOT ONE of them offered ANY facts to dispute my FACTS.

Where is the black villages. On the entire planet there is NOT ONE black paradise? Why not?

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