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Thread: Garage Floor
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Old 10-24-2017, 03:31 PM
DangeloInspections's Avatar
DangeloInspections DangeloInspections is offline
Join Date: Oct 2012
Posts: 572

I second what everyone has said so far. Doing over 400 inspections in The Villages every year, I see a lot of nice epoxy garage floors...and more than a few really bad ones. There are about a half a dozen good companies out there that do this....Tim Miller being one of the very best.

However, if you do want to do it yourself, I recommend either the Rust-o-leum product, or the H&C brand from Sherwin Williams.

The Rustoleum product, done as per the directions works great. It looks even better with the clear coat over it along with Shark Grip.

I have done a few of my own garage floors with it and they turned out great. You must make sure the floor temp moisture level is correct before you start.

Some tips....divide in the proper sections usually using the relief cuts as a guide. Measure the "flakes" in separate cups per section, so you do not run out of flakes.....if you have a small utility closet, do not forget to do that floor also.......use shark grip and/or another usually provided anti slip additive. I usually use from the back of the garage towards the front so you do not get trapped.......use good lighting so you can see across the gloss so you do not miss any spots......if possible, do all of this the day after closing before you move anything in. That is the only time in your life your garage will be empty.

Do NOT use a cheap product. You need to use a product that will NOT allow hot tire pick up. Beware of the cheap product or the cheap installer. If possible, if you hire someone, go look at his previous jobs.

This is a project that you do not want to be a Cheapo on......if it is not done well and you get hot tire pickup or the look is poor, you will cry every time you see it for the rest of your days.....better to cry once when you pay for it and then be happy with it forever.

If you have any doubts, hire it out....this is not a project that a "redo" is easy.

The difference between hiring a good outfit and doing it yourself is only a few hundred bucks....divide that by the number of years of having a nice floor and it is not much.

You may ask then why did I do it myself...well, I designed and built my own house and delivered my own I do almost everything myself. So, if you are confident you can do this it is an enjoyable and rewarding project.....but if you have doubts, hire it out as this is not a forgiving project. Hope that helps!

Frank D.
Florida licensed Home Inspector #HI688. (352) 250-7818

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