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Old 12-01-2017, 07:01 PM
suesiegel suesiegel is offline
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Default there is a lot missing from your post

Originally Posted by Schnichels View Post
My brother bought a supposedly totally refurbished cart from this company in February of 2017, so not quite a year ago. A couple months ago he began experiencing intermittent issues with the battery not holding a charge for more than 2 days. My brother contacted owner Marc today about the issue. Marc’s response was “ if it was such an issue you would have contacted me sooner”. I strongly recommend extreme caution if you choose to do business with Marc either in purchasing or renting a cart. His Yelp reviews around cart rental are less than stellar as well.
I have nothing to do with ANY of the golf cart sellers.
I assume if you say you were told you should have contated me sooner he is saying it is out of warranty. If, I am guessing correctly you do not have a leg to stand on.

As to what might be wrong there is a long list.
Any battery will loose power not being used. In a golf cart it charges the battery when the engine is running. Unfortunately, if any rechargeable lead acid battery-the type in your golf cart is run down too far it will not recover.
It is also, possible that the charging system is not working properly so the battery is not being charged. The top of your battery could be dirty allowing the electricity to flow and drain the battery. There could be something drawing current-a radio that is always on-a gps or ?????

PERHAPS, you know someone who can help you. I would buy or borrow a battery hydrometer. Inexpensive-they can be bought for like $3.00 in an auto supply shop. It will tell you how charged each of the six cells in your 12v battery are. If, one cell is lower than the rest, you need a new battery. Then, I would DISCONNECT the battery and put it on a charger-not more that a 10 amp charger. A 4 amp or 6 amp will be fine it will just take longer. DO NOT FILL THE WATER IN THE BATTERY BEFORE CHARGING IT UNLESS THE WATER IS SO LOW THAT THE PLATES ARE OUT OF THE ELECTROLYTE-ACID. If, the battery is, as you report, low, the fluid level rises as the battery is charged. You will know the battery is fully charged, if you do not have an automatic charger, when the charge rate drops to half-10 amp charger will show on it's meter 5 amps. You can also check withe the battery hydrometer. You leave the battery-not connected to your golf cart-overnight and again check with the hydrometer for a loss of charge.

My only service experience has been with villages golf cart.
The people we bought the cart from have closed one of two locations and no longer do service. Villages golf cart is very professional, reasonably priced. Our gold cart broke down-they picked it up off one of the golf cart roads at a very reasonable cost of ??? $15. The labor was about $18 including diagnostic and part installation. I was very pleased. Oh, and they lent us a golf cart to use while they did the repair.
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