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Old 05-19-2018, 01:11 PM
Boomer Boomer is offline
Soaring Parsley
Join Date: Nov 2007
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Originally Posted by l2ridehd View Post
And I also would not use a small firm. But then I do all my own anyway using Vanguard. I figure by the time I start investing in Pez dispensers it won't matter much anyway. And I have trained my better half well to carry on without me.

Aw, ride, I was just going to tell you I might know where I can get you some Longaberger Baskets or some of those teddy bears.

Originally Posted by ColdNoMore View Post
I know...right?

I am inundated every week...with those offers.

I personally look with a jaundiced eye, towards those who can afford mass mailings...and taking me out to dinner.

Much less those that have sponsor polo teams.

I mean cripes, it doesn't take a genius to figure they make enough money to do all that 'advertising.' hdear

PS. What is wrong with 'investing' in Beanie Babies/Pez Dispensers?

Hey! Cold! Maybe I can cut you in on my vintage Coach purses. And they are the real thing -- not Assistant Coach.

Originally Posted by Chatbrat View Post
The only time I ever lost $$ is when I had a managed account with Solomon Smith Barney--needed it when we were boating--the so called advisor cost me $500K-- fired her made it back in 18 months--using someone to manage your $$--IMHO-- is akin to paying someone to roll dice for U on a crap table--they have all the fun and U pay to play with your $$
At our age , it isn't rocket science-- we don't need growth we need income

Read all the financials, subscribe to the Wall Street Journal--U too will make $$
Oh Chat, you tickle me. Only time, huh. Half a mil, huh.

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