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Old 08-10-2018, 12:38 PM
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I don’t intend to be mean. I lived in Provincetown, a seasonal resort. I think there are about 160 food places. (The widest part of town is just three miles, the 98%(?) is on Commercial street. The vast majority of town is National Seashore—Thank you JFK. During season there are 20-30,000 visitors on weekends, and 60,000 over Fourth of July for the fireworks. Streets are mobbed and forget sidewalks. restaurants are mobbed! Food places are varied and some are VERY good.


We’ve been visiting or living in Provincetown for 35years, including ten vicious winters.

The season is only five months, and that’s stretching it.
The population drops nominally to 3,600. I believe half are snowbirds. Although we might get 2000-3000 weekend-day visitors.
In winter, roughly 25 food places are open, some of them “fine” dining. The “fine” have been here DECADES.
The restaurants and food places that survive more than a year are less than half. I’ve seen it. The ones that do survive operate on a low margin and run like CLOCKWORK.

I dreamed of having a restaurant too. I listened to a sensible friend. He said, you have no experience other than cooking. Whom will you hire? What duties need to be fulfilled every day, hour? How much money are you willing to lose until profitability?

My friend, with no one experience, you are setting yourself up for failure. Sorry.
A hammer is not a screwdriver. (My grandfather Bill.)

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