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My two cents worth
Old 10-11-2018, 12:41 PM
thetruth thetruth is offline
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Default My two cents worth

Originally Posted by Nucky View Post
At 7 AM this morning several people were buzzing around our yard doing the lawn maintenance thing. We didn't give it a second thought as our service has been GREAT from Choice Maintenence.

Turns out the guys zipping around the yard were here mistakenly from a different unknown company and butchered our lawn. The scalped the hell out of it, piled grass all over the decorative stone and left the sidewalk and driveway in a disastrous state. It is a heartbreaker, trust me.

Our regular guy Tate from Choice Maintenence is coming tomorrow to help straighten us out. This happened to a friend of our over on St Andrews and it cost him about a thousand to Re-Sod the burnt out area.

Has this happened to other people in the Historic Area or anywhere in The Villages? I didn't call anyone to report it because I didn't want to waste their time and I really don't know who to report it to. What's done is done I would just like to alert others to save some unnecessary anxiety.

It really looked good to me before, this stinks. It was a Black Pick Up with a trailer in tow. Oh well, Onward.
From your description, it sounds like that crew dethatched the wrong address. If, I am correct, and they ran a dethatching machine over your lawn it should be done every 3-4 years. It does look terrible after but it will recover.

It is actually the wrong time to dethatch as your lawn is shutting down for winter. The best time is April when your lawn is growing. Obviously you cannot undo it. The open ground this time of year will likely allow weeds. You may want to wait two or three weeks and apply weedkiller. Not one of the weed killers pus fertilizer which are all high nitorgen-you want to allow your lawn to naturally go into winter. If, simply cut to short, I will recover. You need only to rake up the clods of grass yousay were left behind and don't let it run dry. I will take a week or three to recover.

It never happened to us but we used to live in an area with oil heat. Many people converted to gas as it was far cleaner and cheaper. We would regularly read about oil companies devivering to home where the tank was no longer ther but people left the fill pipe.

Your grass. Imagine 250 or 1,000 gallons of heating oil (diesel fuel delivered to someones basement.

I would call the vilages office and perhaps the police.
Perhaps, there are cameras that captured the truck the crew or?

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