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Old 12-09-2018, 12:19 AM
Fraugoofy Fraugoofy is offline
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Originally Posted by Taltarzac725 View Post
There was a quite beautiful blonde who would almost always smile at me at Doggie Doo Run Run. She was studying to pass her Medical Boards for Physical Therapy. And exercising her two pooches. She passed her boards and got a good job up in PA. She seemed to know something about me that some others have not figured out just yet.

She seemed a little too young for me though. That is why I did not do anything about all those very nice smiles she had for me other than just say hello and see how she was doing with her studies. My blonde nurse friend talked to her quite a bit more. The blonde nurse friend is around but just a friend. I doubt if she bothers reading Talk of the Villages even though I have asked her to take a look on occasion.

And got a beaming smile from a former U of MN student who had transferred to a different Minnesota school to study biochemistry . This was in 2013 or so and she was the grand daughter of a friend at Doggie Doo Run Run. She also seemed to have caught onto something. And this was in 2013!!!
You and I have something in common!

When I go to Publix on a Tuesday at 937am a older gentleman with a gray beard and a small moustache smiles at me. I wink.

On Wednesdays when I venture out at 941am a chunkier older man smiles at me at the Lynnhaven post office. Of course he was probably a senior in college the day I was born. What a beautiful, grand day that was. It was in the Fall and the colors were GORGEOUS on the trees. All the shiny new colors, like orange and red and yellow.

And well, then there is always Fridays when I go to Starbucks and order a macchiato made with almond milk. There is a wonderful older man with a cowboy moustache that practically falls off his chair when I walk in. I like him the best. His hair reminds me of my college sweetheart, with kind brown eyes. And I digress...

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