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Old 12-12-2018, 01:48 PM
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Originally Posted by thetruth View Post
#1 Re: Buffet
That thought Buffet like. I don't know about you but I recall reading Buffet said he lost 45 million in ????? 2006. Hum-I don't know your situation but I doubt anyone in their right mind would
believe I have 45 million to hold, lend, spend. Buffet and holding long term. The man is if I recall 86. Long term-HUH?
Since Buffet has already arranged to give away the majority of his vast fortune, your point is invalid...and a bit disingenuous.

Buffett's Charitable Contributions
“Mr. Buffett intends to have all of his Berkshire shares given to philanthropy through annual gifts that will be completed ten years after his estate is settled,” according to a statement released by Berkshire Hathaway
While $45M is definitely a lot of money to most of us, you totally fail to take into account what % of his total assets/net worth...this actually represents. Analogous to those who confuse, or can't understand, the difference between weather...and climate.

Not to mention, you also fail to recognize that the 'long haul' means just that...including 'short-term' losses/reductions.

Methinks the BIG picture of Buffett's EXTREMELY successful lifetime investing strategy...more than speaks for itself.

Originally Posted by thetruth View Post
#2 Re: stock buybacks
The truth is understanding stock buybacks is far too complex for most-INCLUDING ME. Usually the company bought shares are not destroyed they show as a company asset. A bit of, my term, slight of hand. Those shares can and are used for dividend payments, management incentives,when stock is used to purchase another company etc. A stock buyback is widely published. Spending those shares is not.
While there are numerous reason for stock repurchase, those reasons are far from being too complex for the average person of even a modicum of investing understand.

Here's a link that might help you understand it a little better.

Stock Repurchase (click here)
In the public market, a buyback will always increase the stock’s value to the benefit of shareholders. Investors should watch out, however, if a company is merely using buybacks to prop up ratios, provide short-term relief to an ailing stock price or to get out from under excessive dilution.

Originally Posted by thetruth View Post
#3 Re: only half of Americans own stocks
Not nearly that simple. First of all assuming that some people THINK they own no stocks. If, they have a pension, there pension is surely invested in stocks. If, they give money to support a school a charity it is in stocks. If, they paid for insurance, it is in stocks. There have been proposals that people be allowed to invest their own social security money into the stock market. HUH? Same as our not so long ago housing collapse, people would expect the government-their fellow citizens to pay for their mistakes. To tax those who did well, took appropriate risk (whatever that is) and give to those who perhaps decided to take more or less risk than they should have.
While I now realize the link I first gave didn't work unless you took the effort to put all of it into the search bar...this one should work.

Click Here

If you take the time to read the link, it fully recognizes and includes the various methods...that American's may 'indirectly' own stocks.
One of the paper’s findings was that "despite the fact that almost half of all households owned stock shares either directly or indirectly through mutual funds, trusts, or various pension accounts....

Originally Posted by thetruth View Post
#4 Re: politics
Unfortunately it effects everything and everybody. A simple view. I view government as a NECESSARY EVIL. My thoughts apply throughout world history. Everyone wants. Everyone comes up with what they truly believe are valid points why someone else NOT THEM, should pay. Too often I hear people say the government should pay for that. This is government of the people, for the people and by the people. In plainspeak let the government pay for it is my neighbors NOT ME, should pay for it.
To protect the thread, I will pass on this one.

Please be assured though...I DO have a few political thoughts.

Originally Posted by thetruth View Post
#5 Don't loose anything if I don't sell
That is MIND CONTROL. Reminder all the information we have comes form people with a vested interest. Simple math that our mind does not seem to fathom. If you start with 10,000 and your statement shows you are up the first year by 10%. The next year you are down 10% YOU ARE NOT EVEN
10,000+10%=11,000. 11,000-10%=9900-HUH WHERE DID $100 VANISH TO? On top of that assuming it is in a taxable account you not only have less but you paid tax on the non-gain.

Sorry, but my original statement applies. Particularly since I don't hold any accounts that are taxable...until I sell.

I don't "LOSE" anything...unless I sell.

Standing up for the underdog and against bullies...every chance I get.

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