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My two cents worth
Old 01-03-2019, 04:56 PM
thetruth thetruth is offline
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Default My two cents worth

[QUOTE=EdFNJ;1612921]I guess it would be different depending on type of home. This is a wood frame built construction 10 yrs old in Amelia.

I'm pretty good at plumbing especially with CPVC pipe and I need to replace the outside hose bib. I removed the 4 screws marked with arrows. I am guessing the bib is connected to a cpvc to threaded adapter but don't want to twist it off and break it inside the wall. The bib seems to be attached (with sealant?) to that white block of whatever behind it. If I turn the bib with my hand the block moves so I am afraid I might break whatever water line is behind it..

Anyone ever take one of these off? Is it threaded to the cpvc? Replacing it is no problem if I can remove it.

You state it is Ten Years old. Our water quality is, well not so great. That brass spigot is probably not top quality. You may well find if you put a wrench on it and put some force on it that you will find it turns to dust.

Obviously, be sure you have a second valve on the inside that shuts just that spigot off. That was code in NY not sure if it is here. If, you need to shut off the entire house and you then get into trouble well been there done that. Not all but some of the people a Home Depo and Lowes truly know what they are doing.
You might also look at a neighbors home and see if it is the same as yours. If, you are not the original owner, it may have been an issue previously and someone glued the spigot on.

As to my suggestion that it may have been an issue previously, That extension threaded on to the valve looks like it is the wrong valve. The handle does not seem to be ten years old and it seems it is too close to the siding to be easy to use.
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