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Old 01-05-2019, 10:18 AM
Brawnwy123 Brawnwy123 is offline
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Default Faucets

[QUOTE=EdFNJ;1612921]I guess it would be different depending on type of home. This is a wood frame built construction 10 yrs old in Amelia.

I'm pretty good at plumbing especially with CPVC pipe and I need to replace the outside hose bib. I removed the 4 screws marked with arrows. I am guessing the bib is connected to a cpvc to

RESPONSE Hope it helps. The Hose bib may be on the house water line, and it may be on the irrigation line. You can tell by turning off the house water, in the wall, in the garage. OK, the back flow preventer, on the hose bib, brass POS is a real nuisance, I have always removed them, but save it because sale may require that to code? Years ago, someone with an IQ of 70 decided that all homes needed a BACKflow prevent er, because, it COULD BE? The hose with an insecticide sprayer may back flow stuff into the house water??? Think on that folks.
So, I am not advising you to leave it off, but it is there to prevent, so, how to get back flow? Well there would have to be no house water pressure and there would have to be an elevation change or a pump to get the contaminated water back into the house ?????????? On two houses, I have removed and saved them, then able to install at the hose sale, if code wants it. Good luck.
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