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Old 03-13-2019, 08:47 AM
callientom callientom is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2018
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Default Bicycles

[QUOTE=villagetinker;1631324]I like your attitude and the way you state you ride. When I am driving I try and give the bicyclists as much room as I can, and as you stated some drivers do not like bicyclists.

The one thing you did not state but implied is that a bike rider must obey all of the same traffic laws as a car, stop at stop signs, yield at yield signs, etc. I have had to dodge way too many bike riders that enter roundabouts when I am already in the round about, or blow a stop sign in front of me, fortunately my reactions are still fairly good.

Sorry, left out a couple of items that need clarity.
1. Yes, obey all traffic standard laws. Stop signs, be courteous and drive safely, give arm signals always.
2. When on a MMP, we do this: Watch the rear view mirror, when a cart is approaching from behind, IF IT IS SAFE AND CLEAR, we slow down, we move over to the edge of pavement, we stop pedaling and we wave with left arm for cart to proceed and pass.
3. In this case, be totally aware of any approaching/passing cart going in your direction of travel, from the rear, who will PASS YOU WHEN THERE IS AN INCOMING CART approaching. Look for an escape route when this happens.
4. If the two carts do collide, you do not want one of them on YOUR handlebars. BE careful, be safe, not sorry.
5. Many CART persons are courteous, a few are not, so BE ALERT AND BE AWARE.
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