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Old 08-07-2019, 11:21 PM
Ladygolfer93 Ladygolfer93 is offline
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A lot of things go on behind the scenes in restaurants. I know this for certain. When I first moved to this part of Florida one of the first things I
noticed was the health inspections were not nearly as stringent as the state & county I came from. I do not know the number of unannounced visits they make per establishment per year, but I have witnessed employees using the restroom and walking out without washing their hands at more establishments than I care to think about. Sadly, I think many people suffer mild illnesses from this careless health practice but never know the source. Also consider, in most school districts, the teachers no long stand in the restrooms to insure that each and every child washes with soap and water. This was once an almost universal priority no matter what school district. In many districts the school nurses would visit every classroom in the district, demonstrate, and even teach the children to sing ROW ROW ROW your boat 3 times.... to demonstrate the correct time period needed to keep hands germ free and reach the finger nails as well. We have to realize many workers come from families and from schools where this is just not a priority. Eating without washing is much more common than you would think, so why would that be a priority at work ? Just a thinking point to consider.....

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