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Old 03-18-2020, 06:06 AM
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3 weeks short of 6 years on our CYV and the experience has been very very good.
With 2 Golden Retrievers our corner lot being fenced/walled has been a blessing, many of our neighbors also have pets and also love the this feature.
Privacy is great in a CYV because of the wall and only rarely do we notice any traffic noise from Buena Vista. Only on a rare occasion do we hear neighbors when we're sitting outside and even then it is very muted because of the wall/fence, unlike many designer homes with kissing-lanais.
The closeness of the homes (10-15 ft apart) and the angled configuration allow us to see more neighbors from our front lanai than we could from other home designs. This has resulted in more conversations with neighbors and friends walking by on the street than would have happened if we only saw them for the usual 2-3 seconds they would have been visible in the squared orientation of typical homes.
Our CYV community is very close and we have a very socially active neighborhood. Conversations with friends and other acquaintances live who live in or moved into/out of CYV communities have made the same observation of the other CYV communities.

The downside:
Short term renters who have little respect for others have been problematic with parking, their pets, and treatment of the community as a hotel.
Long term renters, when they move it saddens the community because they have become close friends and a part of our extended families. Many do keep in touch and stay engaged with the community.
Cars not obeying the 10MPH speed limit that is posted in the CYV communities.
People/vehicles that cut the left turns. Because of the shallow front yards and narrower streets almost every left turn is a blind turn and people cut the turn early crossing into oncoming traffic blindly and without slowing. There have been many near misses in our neighborhood of cars and trucks almost hitting people and other cars and in 2015 a short term renter cut the left turn in front of my house and ran head long into a Community Watch vehicle that was pulling up to the stop sign. The worst offenders are the garbage trucks and the delivery vehicles (FedEx/UPS), while most of the landscaping companies are very good about not doing this and take the turns wide.

A CYV community is not for everyone, some feel walled in and crowded, some don't like the layout, but if privacy and pets are important to you a CYV can be a great choice.
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Village of Hillsborough
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Society is produced by our wants, and government by wickedness; the former promotes our happiness positively by uniting our affections, the latter negatively by restraining our voices.
Thomas Paine, 1/10/1776

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