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Originally Posted by Cupcake57 View Post
I would leave one room in the dark shade and repaint the others. Thats too much of the same thing. "Greige" tones are popular now; warmer grey. And much more interesting than Brownwood Beige! Eggshell is the perfect sheen! Boomer is right; the focal point of the picture/photo should be eye level to the shorter homeowner (unless they are super short, then a compromise) Items hung over a headboard or sofa need to have the lower edge just 6-8 inches above the top of the sofa/headboard/etc, not centered vertically in the remaining space. The current trend is to put curtain rods almost up to the ceiling/crown molding to elongate the windows.
Yes, I was just reading about how high curtain rods should be. I like valences instead of drapes and my windows have moulding only on top ( my husband is going to put it all around eventually but I was wondering where the rod should go...above the moulding and cover it, or below. Thanks for the tips.
This forum has been great! I have gotten a lot of excellent tips and advice. Now if someone could buy me that Thimas Darnell art that Velvet posted hehe