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Old 05-05-2021, 11:00 AM
Two Bills Two Bills is online now
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Originally Posted by OrangeBlossomBaby View Post
You should do a little learning about hydroponics. It's pretty fascinating. Also you might want to brush up on your understanding of chemicals. Here's a mini lesson:

Every single living thing in existence on this and every other planet in the universe is made up of chemicals.

Your average organic banana = chemicals.
The 100% pure pine oil that you rub on your wooden furniture = chemicals.
The all-natural horse manure you get from a horse farm to fertilize your flower beds = chemicals.

What hydroponics does, is isolates those chemicals necessary for plants to grow and thrive, and introduces them into the pods where the plants are growing.

The plants, if planted in an organic garden, would be getting ALL those chemicals anyway through the soil, sunlight, bug and insect excretion, dead bug and insect bits, feces of whatever tracks through the soil that causes proper fertilization and nitrogen content, etc. etc.

So instead of it being haphazard and "let's see if this thing will grow," they create the optimum amount of everything, providing the plants with exactly the same things they would get otherwise, but in a strictly controlled environment where they also get zero of the things that might cause harm to them, or that provides no benefit at all to them.

Same chemicals. Only difference: one is controlled, one is not.

Been growing things for years, and quite aware of what a manufactured chemical is, as apposed to an organic chemical.
It's the 'controlled' ones that are destroying the soil, not the natural ones.
On many agricultural farms today the soil is dead thanks to the 'controlled' chemicals!
The few left that use organic fertilisers still have soil with life in.
Hydroponics have just got rid of the soil from the equation, and grow in straight chemicals.
I eat it like everyone else, got no choice in many cases, and as fascinating as it may be, I wish I didn't have too.
Thats why I grow as much of my own the non-fascinating way.
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