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Default Hair stylist recommendation requested

My husband and I relocated to TV two months ago to a rental and just moved into our new courtyard villa in lower St. Johns. While in our rental in McClure I had a hair appointment for a color touch up and cut at a franchise salon which I went to a same franchise salon in my home state for 20 years. My 1st appointment at this franchise salon went well, and the stylist was polite, took her time, and I liked how she did my hair so I made another appointment with her which was yesterday. Upon arrival this stylist informed me that she was not feeling well following having a dental procedure the previous day. After that announcement everything went down hill!! She put my color in and took off for parts unknown. When the timer went off and 10 more minutes elapsed the salon manager who was styling in the chair next to her had to go get her to wash out my color. When she was washing the color out she had the hose aimed straight at the back of my neck which went down my back and I was literally dripping wet. At this point I noticed her speech was on the slurred side which should have prompted me to walk out, but foolish me let this gal give me a hair trim and I could tell she was struggling while doing it. After that she said I was down for a tossle dry which is what I wanted anyway which I told her that was fine. And she then kept repeating "don't be made at me." I responded back to her saying I did know what she was talking about as I did not want a blow dry in the 1st place. I then quickly got out of the chair and headed to the desk to pay her. When she asked if I wanted to make another appointment I told her no and then headed out the door. Believe me, as a retired R.N. I have great compassion for those not feeling well, but this stylist was in no condition to be yielding a sharp object around someone's face and head, and her manager should have recognized this and sent her home. Anyway, now I am on the hunt for a new stylist who is safe with a pair of scissors with not outrageous prices preferably not too far a distance from my home in St. Johns. Thanks in advance for any recommendations.