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Originally Posted by billethkid View Post
Tuscany Day Spa and Salon in Lake Sumter Landing.
Hello Billethkid, I need to ask you what is your affiliation with Tuscany Day Spa and Salon in Lake Sumter Landing. I have been searching forums for recommendations for such a salon and in response to every post I have read regarding salons, you have answered simply ‘Tuscany Day Spa and Salon in Lake Sumter Landing’ for year after year, as if your response was on autopilot? What is up with that place, I have reached out to them and they want me to give them my credit/debit card in advance of services and they will keep my card on file in their computer. Do the clients that visit Tuscany know that their cards are kept in a computer file at this place of business? I have always paid for services rendered at the time in which services have been rendered…. I don’t understand this practice. I wish I could have the opportunity to give a proper review and recommendation for Tuscany!