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Originally Posted by Battlebasset View Post
Some of this I agree with, some I don't.

The bottom line why men are happier is that (most) don't make perfect the enemy of good (enough). We tend to make decisions quicker, don't overthink, and focus on the goal. Woman (some, not all) agonize over details of limited importance, and they experience "analysis paralysis" and even when it's done, question what decision they made and could they have done better. Men shrug and move on.

Don't believe me? Stand in line at a McDonalds and watch men order vs women. Men will walk up, order in mind - "Number five with a diet coke". A woman will stand back for a bit, study the menu, and still when they get up there, hesitate.

I might do that with a house or car. McDonalds? Low impact decision. The goal is food in your belly. Make it and move on.
Impulse decision making and the ability to look at the big picture and make a data based decision are two very different things. Women take longer to order food and change some of the parameters because they are more concerned about their health and food value, however, most women who are making data based decisions do not go to McDonalds unless their kids want Happy Meals.