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In good spirit here are some valuable tidbits the men in my life have taught me. I will title it Lucky To Be A Woman

1. A man is expected to fix everything. The only thing a woman fixes is her hair. And dinner, when she feels like it.
2. A man has to carry the heavy items. If he doesn't, he isn't a real man. A woman could care less how heavy something is she just wants it moved.
3. A woman can smile at a man, woman, or child and easily make new friends. If a man smiles at a man, woman, or child he is asking for an ass whooping, slap in the face or jail time. (in that order)
4. A well-dressed woman is admired.
A well-dressed man is gay.
5. A woman can cry and all is forgotten. No traffic tickets from police, free stuff from retailers, and someone else happily picks up the slack. If a man cries he is a wuss.
6. On a hot summer day, a man has to decide if he can adjust or scratch his "family jewels" in public. Or, suffer and not risk the embarrassment. A woman is always cool as a cucumber.
7. Every child remembers Mother's Day but Father's Day is hit or miss. If they do remember, you get a necktie.
8. A woman can have sex whenever she pleases. A man has to beg and plead.
9. Women have it made. She simply says, "Oh! I can't reach this!" And, someone immediately retrieves it for her. A man has to retrieve everything on his own.
10. A woman can forget her wallet ans someone happily foots the bill. If a man forgets his wallet, he is cheap.
11. A woman can talk to another woman about anything. A man can talk to another man on limited subjects... weather, tools, barbecue, sports, and farts.

12. Happy wife; happy life. A happy man is never the plan. And a woman could care less...princess mode!

There are many more, but you get the drift. Yes, men may be simple and happy but women are damn lucky.