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Originally Posted by hypart View Post
In the Liebeck v McDonald's case, she did not win that money. It was punitive damages. Punitive damages are awarded to the government and state.

The reason the jury awarded punitive damages is because other older consumers had also burned themselves by spilling hot coffee leading to severe injury.

The reason McDonald's lost punitive damages is due to the fact their coffee was 10 degrees hotter than any other coffee in the industry. They knew that when people were spilling coffee it was leading to severe burns. They didn't care. And older consumers are more vulnerable than others since they have much softer skin leading to severe injury.

This case is often ridiculed for being frivolous. But once you consider the facts that were presented in the trial, it is not. You may not agree with the jury, but the conclusion was within reason.
Very true. That woman suffered through surgeries because of their negligence. They had been warned to stop nuking the coffee to such a hot temp and they didn't care and kept doing it.
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