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Originally Posted by Pairadocs View Post
Little confused on this one.... from what I get from this post, the Villages Charter schools actually have standards, the parent or parents agree to those standards and are open to also being involved, apparently (??) the parents LIKE the idea of a minimum of passing grades... not a bad idea, what good is a class if you don't study the materials involved enough to at least not fail, why even sit there if there are no expectations, and finally the post seems to say that other area kids are not getting their share of medications (legal, or illegal, doesn't say ?) just that they get "poor medication while the county is raking in the cash. No idea how all that works ? Does the county then use the cash for more medications ? Really think some need to do more research on how PUBLIC charter schools work. Very much like impact schools and funding where the federal government has military bases. The increased population of the base, just like a community like the villages that draws a huge number of "extra" workers from laborers to professions, and whose children could have a tremendous impact on the community... because it would have to dig deep to build additional schools to serve all these people... just like they would have to do near military bases if the school district did not get relief.
I was somewhat puzzled by this as well. Might the original word have been a misspelling of "education" which was then autocorrected to "medication"?