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Originally Posted by metoo21 View Post
I wanted to clean up some of the connections at the battery. The previous owner had used multiple clamp type splices on wires connected to the + & - terminal and most had the spliced connection cut off. I cleaned it all up using butt connectors that had heat shrink as part of the connector. I also cleaned up the battery terminals. My charging voltage is now about 15.8 at full speed instead of the 18 it was previously. Is 15.8 in the acceptable range? Or is it still too high?
Normal charging voltage for 12 volt lead acid batteries is 14.5 VDC, I would consider 15.8 to be too high. In my research, it 'appears' Yamaha has used a more or less standard factory wiring harness for decades, and the typical connections lead to the higher voltage on the battery.
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