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Old 02-01-2011, 01:00 PM
NJblue NJblue is offline
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Originally Posted by Talk Host View Post
There is no attempt at being selective. I think maybe you confused your thinking with mine. If they are guilty of Jay Walking then they should be charged accordingly.
I guess this is the crux of our differing opinions: I believe that laws are essential for the maximization of public safety. As such and since enforcement of all laws equally in all situations would inevitably lead to some of the more serious situations with less enforcement while the police are spending time on the more benign situations.

I would hope that the police would use judgement as opposed to responding like robots - and in the case of J-walking they do, since if they really were cracking down on this illegal activity with equal force, they would have to have a trailer to hold the summons books for all the J-walking that regularly occurs at the town squares. But, since this activity really doesn't pose as great a threat to public safety, the police look the other way ... thankfully.

My view that is shared by others here is that stopping golf carts going a few miles over their designated maximum speed is akin to having a police presence to stop J-walking in the squares - there are far more serious threats to our public safety that this level of enforcement could be better used.

Others hold the opposite view, saying a law is a law and if it is violated it should be punished. My question to them is: would you really want the police writing tickets to people coming out of Ambrosia with their ice cream cones and walking across the street to the square without going up to the crosswalk?
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