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Old 02-07-2011, 04:10 PM
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Originally Posted by manaboutown View Post
At this point in time I have one life style visit to TV under my belt and most of it was spent looking at the layout, the homes, recreations centers and so on. Although I came into contact with a few people I had no time to get to know them in any deep sense. Most seemed friendly enough. The result is that TV is still on my list of potential active adult retirement communities in which to become a frog. Now that said, I have lived 69 years and I find there are places I want to spend time and places I do not, people with whom I want to spend time and others with whom I do not. I want compatible and agreeable company, not in the sense we necessarily share a common mindset about the various aspects of life but that we are courteous to each other, enjoy what we do together and engage in pleasant, informative and otherwise beneficial discussions. That said, if I decide to move to TV I want to have enough to do, feel welcome and that enough of the people there may want to become friends with me. I want to feel physically safe from crimes against persons and from crimes against property, both real and personal. I want to be somewhere having adequate medical care available. In one of my current two living environments I do not feel physically safe at times and in many places or that my real and personal property are safe whereas in the other I feel safe all ways almost all of the time. Since I now split my time between Albuquerque, NM and Newport Beach, CA, you have three guesses as to which is which and the first two do not count. Again, in one the medical care is substandard and one may have to wait for hours or even over a day in an emergency room because they are overloaded taking care of drug overdoses, stab wounds and the like whereas in the other I can obtain great emergency as well as other medical care as needed. In Albuquerque Ann Coulter was to speak but she had to cancel because of threats against her person whereas in Newport Beach I had to wait in a line for hours to get one of her books signed and it was standing room only at another event in Orange County featuring Ann as a speaker. Guess which community is mostly liberal and which is mostly conservative. I have both liberal and conservative friends. Guess which ones are not open to ideas other than their party's dogma and which are open to new ideas? Guess which ones can not stand for long to not bring up their politics and ruin an evening in which no one else is dicussing politics or religion? Frankly, if most of the residents of TV are conservatives I believe I would be welcome there and find it a pleasant place to live out my life.
I believe your dreams have come true. Come on down and enjoy this place.
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