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Old 02-16-2011, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Tbugs View Post
Charges have been made but no trial has taken place (in a court room) outside of this forum.

If found guilty, there will probably be stiff fines. However, no one has been tried and been found guilty.

This really has no bearing on life in The Villages. Sure, you can say that the Morse family has no morals by shooting out of season on their own property. It does not concern me. Why does it concern you? Just keep any guns away from my pet Panda. He gets mean around hunters.

It is not like an elected official was caught in a sexual tryst. That is a betrayal of public trust - since they are elected by the people. We can all name a few of those - Gov. Spitzer, Mark Foley, David Vitter, and the governors of South Carolina and of New Jersey.
Let me see if I have this straight -- it's okay to commit a felony as long as it doesn't affect you, but it's not okay for someone to have an affair, which is actually a very private matter. Granted, Mark Morse, et al. have not been tried and convicted, but if they are found guilty (and not ljust let off on a technicality), they have committed FELONIES, knowingly with intent. That's okay with you?

So, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, FDR,, Ike, JFK, Clinton, just to name a few public officials who have had known,, confirmed affairs, should be removed from office for betraying a public trust? What public trust? I may not like their choices and I certainly don't understand having sex with another when married, but it is a betrayal of a private trust with their wives and it truly isn't my business or yours or the general public's unless these sexual trysts truly affect the running of the city, state, country.

I honestly think your statements are a mix of apples and oranges and it saddens me that you can't see that Mark Morse's moral fibre is sorely lacking -- in the recent class action suit, the IRS mess, the Moffitt lies and this and a lot of small things as well.
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