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Thread: UFO encounters?
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Old 02-24-2011, 06:32 AM
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UFO's, maybe. I once heard a speaker who gave statistics something like this. Don't recall the exact way he laid them out but this is close. Same final conclusion with 100,000 planets with life in our galaxy.

The stars we see at night are very much like our sun. If we assume that one in every 100,000 stars was a sun like ours and able to have planets revolving around it like ours does, and that of those stars with planets, one in every 100,000 had some form of life. And one in every 100,000 of those the life was evolved into some intelligent form. In just the milky way galaxy, there would be 100,000 planets with intelligent life of which earth is just one. And there are 7 known galaxies. This was many years ago and I think now there are 8 galaxies.

So statistically it is impossible for there not to be other life just in our own galaxy. Could they be evolved a few hundred or thousand years beyond us? Have they solve the space time travel issue? Maybe.
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