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Old 06-06-2011, 09:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Tbugs View Post
Richie, You say the Amendment process to the Constitution is now BS. What one would you like to have stopped with? Don't forget the conservatives have wanted an anti-abortion amendment added in. Do you think any of the current ones are BS? All Presidents have wanted to add a Supreme Court justice who thinks their way. John Roberts was added by Bush. Bush wanted a court who thought the conservative way. Only natural to do so.

Lassen does not believe the Constitution is an evolving document. Obviously he does not believe in any of the Amendments. Evolve means change over time, Lassen.
Hancie - I do not remember reading in the Constitution anything about space travel. I do remember reading about weapons. Whatever leaning the Supreme Court has - liberal or conservative - you will have the justices interpreting the Constitution. Right now, it is the liberals and someday it will change to conservative, I am sure, but they interpret the Constitution.
You misunderstood me Bugs. I didn't say the Amendment process was b.s.; I said it is undermined by liberal activist judges who make law instead of enforcing law and thus have the rendered the Amendment process an antiquity no longer needed by elitists to change our charter.

To use your example, an attempt to pass an anti-abortion amendment would at least be working within the constitutional process which was brilliantly set up by our founders. The proposed amendment hasn't gained enough traction to even become close to real law, and to you it should be gratifying that the system still works in preventing a minority from unilaterally imposing it's will on the citizenry.

The inverse is that conservatives have been trying to get that Amendment to the Constitution enacted because of liberal activist judges who subverted the true intent and nature of the Constitution to wildly reinterpret it's meaning and, in effect, write new law guaranteeing the right to terminate the life of the unborn with a finding of a "right to privacy" that does not exist in the framework or text of the Constitution.

Supreme Court judges are bound to uphold the Constitution and not to write law which is the purview of the Legislature. It should not matter the ideological bent of the Justice, but sadly that is not the case, and our nation is not better for it.
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